Guidelines and Help info for Authors and contributors will be found here

Some Resouces for Authors are found here:


Writing a Post

  • login
  • In the black bar above the website title click New, then Post
  • give your post a title – be careful (spelling, punctutaion, capitals, etc.) because the title also becomes the permalink and is displayed on the front page
  • draft the body of the post, using the tools provided (hover your cursor over the icons to see what each does)
  • you can insert images by clicking the Add Media button (upload from your computer); a good size to use is either medium or large; centering an image avoids text wrapping awkwardly
  • pick a category or two on the right
  • when you have it done, click Save Draft on the right then preview to see what it looks like
  • you can publish right away but with several authors we want to space the posts out a bit
  • add tags on the right (they are like search terms)
  • You can set a featured image if you want to (on the right side)
  • you can go back to the post at any time to edit if you need to