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  1. Mary Oliver: I also have a lot to catch up. She had so many wonderful words to share. Thanks for your post Vanessa. That Hank; what a guy 🙂

  2. Beautiful Vanessa I love Mary Oliver’s Words Hank is also Beautiful. You sent me a post awhile ago and said your hank only it came out as your dog Hate. I couldn’t remember his name was Hank so I really thought you had a dog called Hate. I thought why would my New Age Hippie Friend call her dog Hate. LOL. But a few day’s later I remembered it was Hank. I think it was maybe Ryan told me lol. Hope to get up your way soon for a weekend I really cannot wait to see you. MaybeI can talk Marie in coming along .She hates driving .Hi to all your Family. Love Ya xo

    • OH MAN John I am terrible with typos if I’m not paying attention. Can you imagine? Glad you got straightened out, I love my HANK very very very much. I really want to visit you guys a ton. I’m going to put something together as soon as I can. I hear Ryan is going to Japan!!!

  3. “After the rain, I went back into the field of sunflowers.
    It was cool, and I was anything but drowsy.
    I walked slowly, and listened

    to the crazy roots, in the drenched earth, laughing and growing.”

    Thanks for the reference.

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