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Sandhill Cranes Flying Over: Letter to the Editor by Rick Howie — 4 Comments

  1. Nicely explained, Rick. For folks in the North Okanagan, Sandhill Cranes in migration usually bypass the area except for a scattering of sightings of 2-3 birds per site from places like Otter Lake, Armstrong. However, Greater Sandhill Cranes can be seen in breeding season in small numbers east of Lumby and south of Enderby, and appear to be increasing or at least holding their own.

    • Thanks Chris. Birds breed (or did) in the eco-reserve south of Salmon Arm and at least once just east of Sorrento and I have heard them in summer in the vicinity of Salmon Lake on the Douglas Lake Ranch. We found a chick at Skinner Meadows in the Tatlayoko area as well. I think you are correct that the Greater Sandhills are doing not too badly in the interior.

  2. I was lucky enough to spot two in a field as I was coming down from Pinantan Lake, yesterday. I watched them for a while and took several photos , I had seen cranes before but not with their red heads.

  3. April 20/19. A large flight of sandhill cranes passed over quadra island this morning. We see these flocksevery year about this and are recognized by their calls. George

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