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Signs of Spring in Barnhartvale — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Gary,
    am I right in thinking that the mycelium might be some species of Typhula mold, perhaps T. incarnata?
    And I should say that the FB page you refer to was set up by Milt Stanley, not me! I am simply one of the Admin folks for the page.

    • Hi Paul,
      I am not familiar enough with Typhula to say. This looked to me like a bright white mycelium that is very abundant in decaying forest organic matter. There is a multitude of white mycelium decomposers and symbiotic species that are possible.

  2. Gary, I mistook your reference to my plant album page as being one to our Facebook page “Friends of the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park Group, set up by Milt Stanley. Sorry for any confusion!

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