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POP QUIZ: What do these Two Plants Have in Common? — 8 Comments

    • Cool photo! You know, a lot of these plants have star-shaped hairs under a microscope, which I quite appreciate. I have a feeling that these plants do better when the grassland is overgrazed or somewhat disturbed, but that is just a guess.

  1. Perhaps worth pointing out that this species usually produces its own genuine flowers in April, while these yellow pseudo-flowers often appear early in March, along with sagebrush buttercups & yellowbells, as you say. Everything will be a bit delayed this year: not much of March left!

    • True that Paul, good point. This time last year at DBHV Park, buttercups were up, the tiniest Boechera/Arabis species were flowering already, and the Saxifraga nidifica var. nidifica were about to push up their flowerheads. And this fungus was out too. This time two years ago, the yellowbells were out and the shootingstars were about to flower.
      Tonight I checked out the DBHV Park – down on the last bench above the silt cliffs and the highway, Thompson’s paintbrush leaves are a centimetre or two above the surface (all red), and a few Mariposa lilies have extended that first slender finger. The bunchgrass stubble is pushing green out – looks like it benefited from the rain. It’s all about to take off!

  2. Lots of year-to-year variation in onset of spring around here, all right! In 2016, I logged my first sagebrush buttercup on 8 February!
    Today (Monday) I found an emerging Comandra.

    • Cool! I’m thankful I didn’t start school after 2016 – that was a great early spring! I haven’t spent a summer here yet, so I’ve haven’t seen this plant community through a proper growing season yet! Your plant guide is a huge help.

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