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Sagebrush Galls — 5 Comments

  1. Good article Vanessa. It would be fascinating to know if there are various species that create these galls and if so, what they are. A project ? Rick Howie

    • Agreed, Rick! I’ve looked into some randomly, I’ve seen lots of small white larvae and some empty ones. The creepiest situation, by far, was the time I opened a gall under the microscope and several tiny, clear spider exoskeletons exploded out of the gall toward my eyepiece. I like spiders but I think I was a little too creeped out to open any more galls that night. I would love to get a better handle on who’s in there, a project for sure. Not sure when though, but maybe this summer I can do something! Let me know if you figure any of these galls out further!

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