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Barnes Lake Trails with Hank — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you Vanessa for this wonderful gallery of what is going on up at Barnes. There are many hectares of area to wonder in, and one always finds interesting surprises. I love the colourful lichens and wonder if some of the orange is Xanthoria. I might do an article on that.

  2. Hi Vanessa
    We enjoyed our virtual walk with you along the Barnes Lake trail. What a great place to explore! The Say’s phoebe was neat. Our phoebes haven’t arrived yet here in southern Ontario. We can only hope they will soon!
    Your mystery sound may be some kind of chorus frog. They sound like someone running their fingernail along the teeth of a comb.

    • Aww geez thanks Auntie Bridget! The Say’s phoebe is new for me, do you ever get it out there? I was most excited about the warbler – first one of the season. I think you are right – sounds like it’s a Pacific chorus frog. It’s great to hear a lot of them – like the peepers outside the window at the farm in Alice when I was growing up – but hearing just a few at the start of the year is exciting in its own way.

    • That crossed my mind! I posted the clip on Instagram and did some more research and it looks like the likeliest candidate is a couple Pacific Chorus frogs. I’d sure like to hear spadefoots one day! Thanks for the suggestion.

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